Uses and Benefits of Natural Zircon

Uses and Benefits of Natural Zircon

Zircon may be at the tail end of the gemstone alphabet, but it's a front-runner in the sparkle department! This splendid, naturally occurring gem gets its name from the Persian 'zargun,' which translates to 'gold-colored.' Among its standout features, white zircon is known for its extraordinary brilliance and scarcity of inclusions, earning its place as a semi-precious gem.

Originating from the sandy shores of our planet, zircon's prime harvesting spots include Australia – a leader in zircon production – and areas in Southeast Asia, Tanzania, and Cambodia. Here's a closer look at the rainbow of zircon varieties:

  • White Zircon: A doppelganger for diamonds, white zircon exudes a similar dazzling effect. Its clear, transparent quality makes it a gemstone to cherish.

  • Blue Zircon Stone: This variety is a spectrum of blues, adored for its beauty and astrological benefits. It's a gem that meshes aesthetic allure with mystical significance.

  • Red Zircon: With a natural, vibrant glow, red zircon stands out for its unique luster and durability.

  • Yellow Zircon: A rare find, yellow zircon is celebrated for its elegant look, a treasure in the jewelry world.

Zircon's Fascinating Facts:
Zircon, though not as hardy as some gemstones, is still robust enough for everyday wear. A gentle touch can prolong its life. Beyond jewelry, zircon finds its place in various industries, thanks to its stability under high temperatures and use as a refractory material.

This gem dazzles in an array of colors and is surprisingly affordable, making it a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts. Zircons also exhibit distinct absorption qualities in their spectra. For example, Burmese green zircons show over 40 lines in their spectrum, while Australian orange ones have much fewer.

Properties & Benefits:
Zircon is one of Earth's oldest minerals, with a history spanning over 4.4 billion years. It scores a 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. White zircons, often mistaken for diamonds due to their similar luster, can be distinguished by their refractive index.

Zircon stones are believed to ward off negative energy and bring balance and tranquility. They're said to benefit the lungs and respiratory system. Zodiac signs like Cancer, Gemini, Capricorn, Virgo, and Aquarius may find these gemstones particularly beneficial, offering mental and physical relief and boosting positivity.

White zircon is a prized gemstone, embodying both aesthetic and spiritual qualities. It's also the birthstone for Libra. Blue zircon, on the other hand, is believed to bring marital bliss and rejuvenate love in relationships. These stones are also credited with improving health and immunity.

When set in gold or silver, zircon transforms into a timeless, elegant piece of jewelry. It can be combined with other precious stones like sapphires for a stunning effect. Wearing zircon is said to provide financial stability and maintain social standing. Blue zircon, in particular, is known to unlock creativity and enhance original thought.

Authenticity Test: To ensure you've got a real deal zircon, a simple DIY acid test can be employed. Using diluted hydrochloric acid, if the acid reacts with bubbles or discoloration on a fake stone while leaving a natural stone unaffected, you've found a genuine gem!

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