​Mogok Ruby from Burma: The Gemstone Collector's Dream

Mogok Ruby from Burma: The Gemstone Collector's Dream

If you're into gemstones, you've likely heard whispers of the Mogok Ruby from Burma (Myanmar). Considered the pinnacle of ruby perfection, this rare treasure is the envy of gemstone enthusiasts worldwide. Let's dive into what makes these rubies so stunningly beautiful and coveted.

What Makes a Mogok Ruby So Special?

Mogok Rubies are like celebrities in the world of gemstones. Born deep within Myanmar’s fabled Mogok Valley, these rubies are a rare find due to their unique geological origins. They are primarily composed of aluminum oxide with trace amounts of chromium, which give them their unmistakable red hue. This chemical composition, combined with a geological miracle, creates a vivid and pure red color that jewelers affectionately call “pigeon blood” due to its deep, almost glowing intensity.

The Rare Pigeon Blood Hue

The Mogok Ruby's most coveted shade is the "pigeon blood" color, which is often rare and almost impossible to find. This deep red hue reflects light like it's lit from within, capturing a richness that’s hard to put into words. This rarity makes pigeon blood Mogok Rubies highly prized, often fetching premium prices due to their scarcity and beauty.

Pinkish-Red: The Next Hardest to Find

While pigeon blood is the crown jewel, the pinkish-red tone of Mogok Rubies is also highly sought after. This secondary color still carries a vibrant glow that collectors adore, with a hint of delicate pink softening the ruby's strong red tone. Though more common than pigeon blood, the pinkish-red Mogok Ruby remains challenging to find and offers an alternative beauty that makes it an exceptional choice.

Vitreous Beauty Beyond Compare

Mogok Rubies captivate collectors with their mesmerizing luster and vibrant hue. They possess a vitreous shine that reflects light with unparalleled brilliance, as if the stone itself is lit from within. This natural beauty is not easily matched, making it the ideal gem for those who appreciate the finest of nature’s creations. Every facet sparkles, revealing a depth of color that's simply stunning. For many, it's the most beautiful ruby they have ever seen.

Rare, Hard to Find, and Worth the Effort

Why is it so hard to get a Mogok Ruby? The rugged terrain and historical challenges of the Mogok Valley make mining a challenging task. The valley is also known as the "Valley of Rubies," but only a small fraction of rubies mined there are gem-quality, and even fewer achieve the perfect color. This scarcity, combined with the ruby’s quality and unparalleled beauty, makes it one of the most valuable types in the world.

A Gem for Every Collector

With such rarity and allure, it's no wonder collectors worldwide covet the Mogok Ruby. Its radiant color and fascinating history make it a prized piece for anyone passionate about gemstones. It’s not just a ruby—it's an investment and a piece of natural art, worth adding to any collection that values beauty and rarity. So, if you ever have a chance to see or own a Mogok Ruby, consider yourself among the fortunate few who have experienced this gemstone marvel firsthand.

In the end, the Mogok Ruby is not just a gem but a symbol of extraordinary natural beauty, crystallizing a rich and rare legacy that every gemstone lover should cherish.

8th May 2024 Asher Gems

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